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  • Jul, 11 2019
    Chris Moore
    BEWARE!! I just had the worst experience, the owner/general management here is extremely poor. My last visit in October 2016, I found they were under new management. I had always had pretty good service with the former owners. The new Gen. Mgr., Brandon Esber, said he had worked here and purchased from the former owner. I got my usual full synthetic old change and then purchased a year long maintenance package which included oil changes and tire balance/rotation for an added $230. When I visited today to have an oil change I was told it could not be done without the receipt I was given. Since I did not have that with me (in a file at home), the older woman at the counter, although she could verify my purchase, said I could not have the service done. Really?....I don't live particularly close, work in outside sales & drive 60-100 miles per day. When my car indicator tells me to change the oil, I need to do it. The woman was not accommodating at all. I asked to just have a refund of my purchase and she said THAT could not be done w/o the receipt/paper originally given. This made me extremely frustrated and she went to get the manager, Brandon Esber. Her comment, "do you wanna just deal with this woman?" When he came in, I asked him what happens if someone loses the paper, am I out $230?? He said I could pay now and they'd refund (sure) when I brought the paper. (But what if you lose the paper? And I don't want to make an extra trip. They have everything in their database!) I was furious. What a scam. An oil change that should have taken 45 minutes was now going to be at least two trips and potentially more out-of-pocket. I again asked to just be refunded since I had not used any of the visits. His response, "That's not going to happen." Really? Nice way to run a business! I dropped a couple choice words and he dropped a couple in return and I left. Went down a couple blocks to Goodyear and was done in 30 minutes. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. THEY HAVE NO ETHICS. IT COST ME $230 TO FIND OUT.
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